Collaborative Honors Northeast Clean Fleets


The Northeast Diesel Collaborative (NEDC) – a partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state agencies, and private and nonprofit groups – recently recognized eight organizations for their work to reduce diesel emissions. Honors were given to agencies and organizations from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York as part of the Northeast Diesel Collaborative Breathe Easy Leadership Program.

“Diesel emissions in the northeast continue to pose health risks to the residents of the region. Through the collaborative efforts of the NEDC, along with those demonstrated by the 2015 award winners, Northeast communities will breathe cleaner air and live healthier lives,” said Curt Spalding, regional administrator of the EPA’s New England office.

Three of the 2015 awardees include the following:

FreshDirect LLC – New York City, N.Y.

FreshDirect is being recognized for its efforts to use and promote clean diesel technologies throughout its fleet of food delivery trucks. Since 2013, the company has purchased 79 all-electric, hybrid-electric, and clean diesel vehicles utilizing telematics technology to monitor driver safety, fleet maintenance and fuel economy, as well as the installation of idle-reduction technologies throughout its fleet. FreshDirect aims to modernize its entire fleet of over 400 vehicles with the latest in clean diesel and alternative fuel technologies and move toward a near-zero-emission fleet.

Buckley Heating and Cooling – Wakefield, R.I.

Buckley Heating and Cooling is being recognized for utilizing propane autogas over its entire fleet of delivery trucks. Since January 2014, they have used over 15,000 gallons of autogas while actively promoting the economic and emissions benefits throughout the southern Rhode Island.

Milea Truck Sales – Bronx, N.Y.

Though not a fleet, itself, Milea Truck Sales is being recognized for its efforts in actively promoting the environmental and business benefits of clean trucks throughout the New York City metro area. As part of the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program and the New York Truck – Voucher Incentive Program, Milea has helped close to 200 fleets secure almost $7.4 million in incentives for the purchase of clean diesel, hybrid-electric and compressed natural gas trucks for both programs combined.

A full list of awardees is available here.

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