Coalition Announces Two Alt-Fuel Vehicle Rebate Programs


The Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition (YTCEC), an advocacy group focused on the multi-state Greater Yellowstone region, has announced two alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) rebate programs.

Thanks to a grant from the Teton Conservation District, the coalition says it will provide educational and financial support to regional organizations and individuals to assist in their switch to compressed natural gas (CNG).

The related rebate program will provide cost shares for 12 new CNG vehicles or CNG conversions of conventional vehicles. According to the coalition, the financial support will cover 50% of the marginal increase in price of the new CNG vehicle over the conventionally fueled model, or 50% of the cost of the conversion kit and installation to CNG, up to a maximum of $2,000.

Accompanying educational platforms include workshops discussing CNG vehicles and are open to interested participants free of charge.

In addition, thanks to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant, YTCEC says it will provide more educational and funding support for propane-fueled vehicles or electric vehicle technologies.

The organization will offer free workshops, and rebates are available to those who attend at least one of the events. YTCEC says the rebate program will offer up to a $3,000 cost share toward the purchase of, or conversion to, a propane- or electric- powered vehicle.

Applications are due March 31. More information is available here.

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