CNGVA Offering Guidance On Making Safe Switch To Natural Gas Vehicles


The Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (CNGVA) has released a new technical guideline meant to help fleet owners make the transition to natural gas.

According to the CNGVA, the new guideline offers all required information in one place, thus simplifying the process of making facilities safe for natural gas vehicle (NGV) use. Fleets can take the guideline to their local technical expert to determine the necessary steps to build or convert their facilities.

‘Ensuring the safe maintenance, storage and loading of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles in indoor facilities is an important enabler for market development in Canada,’ says Alicia Milner, CNGVA president. ‘Natural gas is a proven and safe fuel for transportation, but its properties are different than those of liquid fuels. These differences need to be understood and addressed in indoor facilities where vehicles are maintained, stored or loaded.’

The guideline, which is available free of charge, can be requested at the organization's website, A French language version of the guideline will also be made available in the coming months.

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