CNG ‘Loading Station’ in Maine Clears a Key Hurdle


Local officials in Bangor, Maine, have approved Global CNG LLC's plans for the development of a compressed natural gas (CNG) ‘loading station’ in the city. The facility will focus on filling tanker trucks with CNG, which will then travel to commercial, industrial and municipal customers in the state and region and provide them with fuel.

Global CNG, a subsidiary of Global Partners LP, says the Bangor Planning Board OKed the location – Maine Ave. and Godfrey Blvd. – last week. Bangor Gas Co. has signed a multi-year agreement with Global CNG to supply the incoming natural gas on-site, and compression technology from OsComp Systems Inc. will be the central CNG technology at the facility.

‘This project leverages our technology relationship with OsComp Systems and our alliance with Bangor Gas to deliver CNG to manufacturers, hospitals, water treatment facilities, power plants and other large customers or institutions that are not connected to a pipeline,’ explains Eric Slifka, Global CNG's president and CEO.

OsComp's ‘virtual pipeline’ model use the proprietary Rapid Fill compression technology, which enables CNG trailers to be filled in excess of four times faster than conventional filling systems, the company says.

The station is scheduled to be open by the end of August.

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