CNG In A Box Refueling Platform Heads North to Canada


Chelsea Natural Gas Ltd., a Canadian company that is developing compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations for fleet use, has secured 20 CNG In A Box fueling systems from GE Oil & Gas to form the backbone of its initial stations in British Columbia.

According to GE, the first units will be delivered to Chelsea Natural Gas in December for fueling stations that are scheduled to open in the spring of 2014. Chelsea Natural Gas will use the CNG In A Box systems in a ‘semi-private 'card lock' format to address the need in Canada for shared fueling stations by smaller fleet owners.’

‘In Canada, where commercial fleets are smaller, it is hard for individual fleet operators to justify the expense of building their own natural gas refueling facilities,’ says Steve Carmichael, CEO of Chelsea Natural Gas. ‘GE's CNG In A Box solution allows us to offer a cost-effective way for vehicle fleet operators to take that first step.’

CNG In A Box is a fully integrated, modular, plug-and-play natural gas production system that features on-board compression equipment, GE Wayne CNG fueling dispensers and related technologies.

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