CleanFUEL USA Teams up with Allied Specialty Vehicles


Allied Specialty Vehicles (ASV), a manufacturer of motor vehicles for commercial, fire and emergency, and recreational markets, has expanded its partnership with CleanFUEL USA, a provider of propane autogas technology.

Under the agreement, CleanFUEL USA will provide products and services to expand ASV's line of alternative fuel vehicles – namely, propane autogas.

‘ASV has a long relationship working with CleanFUEL USA on propane autogas fleet installations for type A school buses at Collins Bus,’ comments Tim Sullivan, president and CEO of ASV. “Expanding this relationship across all ASV vehicle brands will increase the breadth of propane autogas systems we can offer to our customers.”

The partnership agreement calls for CleanFUEL USA's propane autogas systems currently installed by third-party upfitters to be transitioned to ASV factory-certified installations.

Sullivan says this change will not only offer customers a full original equipment manufacturer warranty but will also increase installation efficiency and improve overall quality control.

The two companies will also work together to develop customer-service centers that will offer spare parts and maintenance services for a full suite of CleanFUEL USA propane autogas systems for multiple ASV product lines and customers.

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