Clean Energy Fuels Unveils New Brand Identity


The demand for low- and negative-carbon renewable fuel has increased as more companies look for solutions to address climate change. Clean Energy Fuels Corp., a provider of renewable natural gas (RNG) for the transportation industry, says it is well-positioned to turn its customers’ sustainability goals into reality.

Recently, Clean Energy introduced a new company logo, a cornerstone of an entirely new brand identity that aligns with its growing commitment to expand its renewable fuel solution. This includes investing in the development of RNG from dairies and other agricultural facilities both independently and with partners TotalEnergies and bp.

“Clean Energy’s business has pivoted to focus on an extraordinary renewable, non-fossil fuel that can actually reduce fleets’ carbon footprint by as much as 500 percent,” says Andrew J. Littlefair, president and CEO of Clean Energy. “The logo, color scheme, messaging, website and other brand elements that we recently introduced denote a circular economy, where organic waste is turned into sustainable fuel and embodies the role Clean Energy plays in helping our planet.”

Currently, RNG represents 70% of the fuel sold at Clean Energy’s nationwide network of stations, and the company is on track to provide the fuel at all its stations by 2025 – meeting one of its own sustainability goals. 

As part of the new branding, Clean Energy also launched a new website with updated information about the company’s focus on being able to provide beginning-to-end solutions to meet the growing demand for RNG.

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