Clean Energy Fuels Expands CNG, LNG Fueling Portfolio With Major Fleets


Clean Energy Fuels Corp. says it is now supplying compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to a number of trucking fleets, including Saddle Creek Logistics Services, Premier Transportation, Hoopes Turf Farm, Lily Transportation Corp. and Lancaster Foods.

Saddle Creek, is fueling a fleet of 40 Freightliner natural gas trucks at the company's Lakeland, Fla., headquarters. Its CNG fleet is expected to grow to 120 trucks, so Saddle Creek has expanded its contract with Clean Energy for the provision of additional private natural gas fueling stations.

Premier Transportation has deployed a fleet of CNG-powered heavy-duty Freightliner trucks to serve its customers in the greater Atlanta area, and the company has a national CNG fueling contract with Clean Energy. Lily Transportation is also using Clean Energy's network of CNG stations to serve a new fleet of CNG trucks that are operating in the Los Angeles area.

Lancaster Foods has begun converting its fleet to natural gas power with new CNG temperature-sensitive refrigerated trucks. The company is mainly using Clean Energy's public-access CNG station at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport.

Also, Hoopes Turf Farm has already deployed 10 LNG trucks, and the company intends to transition its full 50-truck fleet to LNG. In turn, Hoopes will be taking advantage of ‘America's Natural Gas Highway’ – Clean Energy's network of 150 new LNG fueling stations. Clean Energy has already built a number of these facilities, which are being sited along major interstate corridors in 33 states.

‘With the availability of a new class of heavy-duty natural gas trucks, as well as more fueling stations, regional and national trucking operators are seeing the enormous benefits of converting to natural gas,’ says James Harger, chief marketing officer of Clean Energy.

Right now, the company fuels more than 500 fleet customers and 25,000 vehicles.

Photo (c) NGT News

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