Clean Energy Fuels: CNG, LNG, RNG Deliveries Rose In Second Quarter


During the second quarter of 2012, Clean Energy Fuels Corp. delivered 48.6 million gallons of compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG), representing a 24% increase over the 39.2 million gallons delivered in the same period in 2011.

For the six months ended June 30, gallons delivered totaled 92.3 million, up from 74.7 million gallons delivered during the first half of last year, Clean Energy adds.

‘I am very encouraged by the growth that we are seeing in the natural gas fueling market as a whole,’ said Clean Energy president and CEO Andrew J. Littlefair, in a statement. ‘This quarter, we continued to grow our traditional core CNG markets and made steady progress in the construction of our America's Natural Gas Highway stations. We continue to keep a close relationship with the engine manufacturers, OEMs and fleet customers in order to be ready as our stations continue to come on line over the remainder of 2012 and 2013.’

The company additionally notes that revenue for the second quarter was $69.8 million, up from $69.1 million in the second quarter of 2011. For the six months ended June 30, 2012, revenue totaled $143.5 million, which is up from $134.5 million a year ago.

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