Clean Air Power Dual-Fuel Natural Gas Project to Kick Off


Clean Air Power says the California Energy Commission (CEC) is using $2.6 million in grants to support the development of the company's Genesis EDGE Dual-Fuel product for the U.S. market.

The rollout of a U.S.-tailored Genesis system, which is designed to augment heavy-duty diesel engines' fuel consumption by enabling the use of compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas, was first announced in August 2012. The CEC and its grant administrator, the Gas Technology Institute, have been working with Clean Air Power to ensure that the program meets CEC guidelines.

The R&D initiative will begin next month and run through October 2014. In that time, Clean Air Power will ‘produce, demonstrate and refine a commercially viable Dual-Fuel product for the U.S market’ that meets 2010 emissions mandates. In order to receive the funds, the company must first deploy 12 trial vehicles and demonstrate ‘agreed levels of vehicle performance and efficiency and the proportion of diesel replaced by natural gas.’

‘With the abundance of domestically produced natural gas, the U.S. represents an extraordinary opportunity for Clean Air Power's Dual-Fuel technology,’ says John Pettitt, president and CEO. ‘We are pleased to have the support from CEC to adapt and optimize our European product for the important U.S. market.’

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