City of Boston Retrofits Vans with XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System


XL Hybrids Inc., a developer of hybrid electric powertrain technology for commercial and municipal fleets, has installed its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System in city-owned vans in Boston.

The four converted vans are being used by the Boston Transportation Department's enforcement division, the Elderly Affairs Department's senior shuttle service and the Central Fleet.

The newly converted vehicles support the Greenovate Boston goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Going forward, the city strives to replace 10% of its fleet each year with alternative fuel vehicles. Currently, all diesel-powered vehicles use a B20 bio-diesel blend.

“The XL Hybrids charge-sustaining powertrain has a quick adoption rate because it doesn't need any special plugs, charging or fueling infrastructure,” explains Clay Siegert, co-founder and vice president of XL Hybrids. “Plus, the system installs in just six hours, allowing commercial and municipal fleets to increase their miles driven-per gallon and effectively reduce operating costs.”

“We have more than 160 full-sized passenger and cargo vans in our fleet,” says Jim McGonagle, director of central fleet management for the City of Boston. “Since XL Hybrids is based in Boston, working with them is simple and smart. The ability to retrofit vans from our existing fleet allowed us to see immediate benefits. There were no driver training or maintenance requirements. I look forward to ordering new vans with the XL Hybrids system in the coming months.”

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