City in Quebec Converting Waste to Natural Gas with ANGI Fueling Solution


Using ANGI Energy Systems' compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling solution, the city of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, is converting organic materials via biomethanization to natural gas for use in powering vehicles, as well as heating buildings.

According to natural gas distribution provider Gaz Metro, its client municipality Saint-Hyacinthe is the first city in Quebec to convert its vehicles to natural gas.

ANGI's provided equipment, which features 12 dual-hose hose post assemblies for time-fill fueling, includes an NG50 compressor, motor starter panel, dryer, valve panel, storage and fast-fill dispenser.

ANGI says it plans to add another NG50 compressor, as well as up to 24 more dual-hose hose post assemblies for time-fill fueling, in the future.

‘Gaz Metro is proud to use its gas network for this promising project, to allow all its clients to take advantage of locally produced renewable natural gas,’ states Martin Imbleau, vice president of development and renewable energies at Gaz Metro. ‘Choosing this energy to fuel vehicles is another step toward the intelligent and systematic recovery of organic materials in Quebec, by creating an infinitely renewable cycle. We hope that this project will inspire many other municipalities to follow suit.’

To date, there are around 350 natural gas vehicles on Quebec's roads, according to Gaz Metro.

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