Chart, ZEV Station to Collaborate on Hydrogen Refueling


Chart Industries Inc. and ZEV Station Co. have executed a memorandum of understanding that enables the companies to collaborate on the deployment of U.S.-based, multimodal hydrogen refueling stations with Chart equipment.

Working together, the companies’ goal is the development of fast-fuel multiple modes for heavy-duty transportation at the same station, uniting different standards of gaseous and liquid hydrogen vehicle fueling using high-flow liquid pumping.

Under this agreement, Chart will supply liquid hydrogen fuel station equipment and hydrogen liquefaction to support ZEV Station’s multimodal hydrogen stations. This type of station will service hydrogen vehicles up to Class 8 heavy-duty trucks using Chart’s liquid-based equipment enabling at least 8 kg-per-minute fills.

“We believe multimodal stations are needed to help converge the standards of heavy-duty hydrogen fueling. This will drive a more widespread fuel-cell truck deployment and accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels,” says Jesse Schneider, ZEV Station’s CEO/CTO. 

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