Cepsa, Redexis Commence Operations at Third NGV Refueling Station


Cepsa, a Spanish oil and gas company, and Redexis, an integrated energy infrastructure company, have started operating their third refueling station for natural gas vehicles (NGVs). 

The facility is located in Trujillo, Spain, a strategic location for the transport of goods through which more than 2,500 heavy-duty vehicles circulate daily. It is connected to Badajoz and Madrid by the A-5 highway, to Cáceres by the A-58 highway and to Plasencia by the EX-208 highway. It is also a communications hub linking Portugal and Spain, and opens the exit route for Portuguese transport to the rest of Europe, connecting Madrid and Lisbon. In the first few months of the year, both companies plan to start up another four gas stations in some of the main national transport corridors.

Redexis made an investment of nearly €1 million to carry out the construction of the facility, which supplies both compressed natural gas (CNG) for light-duty vehicles and liquefied natural gas (LNG) for heavy-duty transport. For both, the refueling time is between three and six minutes – depending on vehicle type. 

“We are continuing to advance in the development of the largest gas mobility network in Spain with the implementation of gas stations in strategic locations for the mobility of our country,” says Santiago Ruiz, director of the service station network at Cepsa. “The diversification of our energy solutions offering for light- and heavy-duty transport is part of our contribution to the energy transition.” 

In June 2019, Redexis and Cepsa agreed to create the largest network of LNG and CNG refueling stations in Spain, with the goal of expanding the supply of energy solutions and promoting sustainable mobility. Under the agreement, Redexis committed to making an investment of  €60 million in the 2019-2023 period to undertake the construction and maintenance of 80 gas stations located at Cepsa service stations – which Cepsa will be in charge of supplying and marketing. 

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