CALSTART, Partners Widen Program for Electrification of Fleets in Massachusetts


CALSTART, a global clean transportation nonprofit, has expanded the Mass Fleet Advisor Program administered by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and in partnership with PowerOptions, Microgrid Labs, Industrial Economics, the Center for Sustainability, BT2, Alipes and DMH Electric.

The no-cost program helps commercial fleets plan for a transition to zero-emission trucks and offers free technical assistance to Massachusetts private, nonprofit and municipal fleets served by a municipal light plan (MLP) with at least one medium- and heavy-duty vehicle.

Each participating fleet in the program provides data on their vehicles to guide the program’s consultant team (CALSTART) to route energy modeling and vehicle recommendations. CALSTART provides an onsite electric infrastructure assessment, and a solar assessment, for electric vehicle infrastructure analysis. Once achieved, a personalized Fleet Electrification Report is prepared that includes EV and infrastructure overviews, total cost of ownership profiles, and short- and long-term electrification recommendations. The program does not require the purchase of any EVs.

“Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles produce a significant amount of carbon pollution and cost a lot of money to fuel and maintain,” says Massachusetts Clean Energy Center CEO Dr. Emily Reichert. “MassCEC often hears from businesses and nonprofits that are determined to electrify their fleets but are overwhelmed by the process. Our Mass Fleet Advisor program has a proven track record of breaking down these barriers, and that’s why we’re tripling the number of organizations we can assist with no-cost technical expertise and roadmaps to achieve fleet electrification.”

While the program does not offer capital to help with the transition to electrification, programs such as the Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Grant Program are in the works by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that can assist prospective buyers.

“We are thrilled to provide free, personalized electrification assistance to private and nonprofit fleets,” says Jennifer Kritzler, CALSTART’S regional deputy director, Northeast. “With support from our partners, this program will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in transitioning to clean medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in the state.”

Interested fleet personnel can sign up for a personal, virtual meeting at

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