California to Create 28 New Hydrogen Refueling Stations


The California Energy Commission (CEC) is planning to invest $46.6 million in publicly accessible hydrogen refueling stations in California in order to promote a consumer market for zero-emission fuel cell vehicles.

The recommended funding awards to eight different companies, made through the CEC's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, will add 13 new locations in northern California and 15 in Southern California, strategically located to create a refueling network along major corridors and in regional centers.

The awards, which will advance Gov. Brown's executive order directing state government to support and facilitate the rapid commercialization of zero-emission vehicles in California, will add 28 new stations to the nine existing and the 17 stations currently under development.

The companies building the stations include the following:

  • Air Liquide Industrial US LP: $2.125 million to construct a 100% renewable hydrogen refueling station in Palo Alto;
  • FirstElement Fuel Inc.: $2.902 million to construct two 100% renewable refueling stations in Los Angeles and $24.667 million for 17 stations in various cities;
  • HyGen Industries LLC: $5.307 million to construct three 100% renewable hydrogen refueling stations in Orange, Pacific Palisades and Rohnert Park;
  • Institute of Gas Technology: $999,677 for a mobile refueling unit;
  • ITM Power Inc.: $2.125 million to construct a station in Riverside;
  • Linde LLC: $4.25 million to construct stations in Oakland and San Ramon;
  • Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corp.: $2.125 million to construct a station in Woodside; and
  • Ontario CNG Station Inc.: $2.125 million to construct a station in Ontario.
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