California Refuse Company Commissions Trillium CNG Refueling Station


GreenTeam of San Jose, a refuse and recycling company that operates in the San Francisco Bay Area, has opened a new compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station that was designed and built by Trillium CNG.

‘Our investment in CNG infrastructure and the conversion of our entire fleet to a cleaner burning fuel, which is estimated at $15 million, is intended to reduce our carbon footprint and improve local air quality,’ says Paul Nelson, division vice president of GreenTeam San Jose.

Right now, the company has a fleet of 18 refuse vehicles that are running on CNG. That number is set to double within the next year.

GreenTeam and Trillium CNG used a phased approach to design and construct the station. One compressor was installed to fuel GreenTeam's existing natural gas vehicles, and ‘expansion room’ for a second compressor was built into the design in order to accommodate GreenTeam's full CNG-powered fleet.

‘This approach strikes a balance between equipment capacity, performance and reliability needed today without incurring capital and electrical costs until demand warrants them,’ says Mary Boettcher, president of Trillium CNG.

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