California Readies Big Funding Round for Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure


The California Energy Commission has opened up a solicitation process for selecting and funding hydrogen refueling station projects in the state.

California law mandates that the commission administers at least $20 million in grant funding annually through 2023 specifically for hydrogen refueling infrastructure, with the goal of having 100 stations in operation in the next decade. This fiscal-year's funding round will help organizations construct, upgrade or support hydrogen refueling stations to expand the state's network of public-access facilities.

Eligible projects must be located in California and be publicly accessible, as well as meet certain minimum technical requirements. The projects must also meet one of the following criteria: installation of new hydrogen dispensing equipment; upgrade/refurbishment of existing hydrogen dispensing equipment; installation of equipment for the on-site production and dispensing of hydrogen fuel; refueling hydrogen on a mobile basis; and/or provide operation and maintenance support for hydrogen production and dispensing equipment.

The deadline to submit applications is Feb. 14, 2014, and the commission expects to announce proposed awardees by March 28.

Comprehensive information about this solicitation is available here.

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