California Air Resources Board OKs Transit Connect Powered By Compressed Natural Gas


BAF, a subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels Corp., says the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has certified the 2012 CNG Ford Transit Connect for sale and operation in the state. The model is powered by a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine designed by BAF.

‘The Transit Connect is in growing demand for fleets of all types across the country, including taxis and service vans,’ says John Bacon, BAF president. ‘CARB certification means the Transit Connect will now be available in all 50 states.’

BAF says it is the first CNG converter recognized as a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier for gaseous fuel. The company uses Ford-accredited Qualified Calibrations Modifier specs, and all the vehicles it converts are registered through Ford Quality Fleet Care for warranty and service work at Ford dealerships.

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