CA Grid Operator Laying Groundwork for Electric Vehicle Network


The California Independent System Operator Corp. (ISO), the operator of California's bulk electricity grid, has developed what it's describing as a ‘blueprint’ for integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into the state's grid.

The plan, called ‘The Vehicle-Grid Integration Roadmap: Enabling Vehicle-based Grid Services,’ outlines how consumer use of EVs could help fortify overall electric-system reliability, and to determine policies and technologies necessary to ‘elicit that value through appropriate market signals for a more reliable, sustainable electric grid.’

‘Vehicle electrification promises to not only help fight climate change – it presents an opportunity to provide grid services that complement other energy sources to meet the reliability needs of the grid,’ says Steve Berberich, California ISO's president and CEO.

‘As the electricity system in the state evolves, now is the time to advance coordination with state agencies and stakeholders to realize the untapped benefits from widespread use of electric vehicles,’ adds California ISO's Heather Sanders, who managed the roadmap's development.

Access the full report here.

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