Blu. Unveils New Line of LNG Fuel Delivery Systems


Blu. has announced the launch of its V2 liquefied natural gas (CNG) fuel delivery system, a new line of LNG fueling systems for Class 8 trucks.

The Blu. V2 system, available in 68 DGE and 80 DGE sizes, features an all-in-one design, where the system's key components are enclosed in a one-piece metal shroud. This results in reduced installation and maintenance costs, the company says.

The 160 DGE twin-tank fuel system package is listed at a price of $17,999 after a $7,000 rebate – which, according to Blu., is approximately 40% cheaper than comparable systems on the market.

“Blu.'s new V2 LNG fuel delivery system brings us one step closer to our two key milestones: a $100 per DGE fuel system and a quick payback for our customers,” says CEO Merritt Norton.

“This new, more affordable fuel system addresses one of the most significant barriers to natural gas adoption among truck fleets: the high cost of equipment. Now, many more fleet owners will be able to take advantage of the cost savings and environmental benefits offered by LNG,” he explains.

Blu. expects to begin shipping the new systems in November.

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