Blu. Expands LNG Refueling Access in the Pacific Northwest


Blu., a Utah-based company specializing in developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling stations and infrastructure, cut the ribbon on a new LNG station in Idaho Falls, Idaho, this week.

The facility, located at 6651 S. Overland Dr., will be a primary refueling resource for a large deployment of natural gas vehicles from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). INL is rolling out a fleet of bi-fuel B20 biodiesel/LNG buses that will operate on the institution's campus.

INL's bi-fuel LNG fleet currently stands at three units, and plans call for most of INL's 80 buses to be converted to LNG in the near future. INL's own technicians install the conversion kits, which cost approximately $35,000 each.

Blu. has been making steady progress building LNG refueling infrastructure, including a station in Nampa, Idaho, to join a number of sites in Utah and elsewhere.

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