Blossman Breaks Ground on New Center for Propane Autogas Research


Blossman Services Inc. (BSI), a subsidiary of The Blossman Companies, has begun construction on its new Autogas Research and Technology Center in Asheville, N.C.

The company says the facility will focus on the testing and development of propane autogas systems, as well as serve as a locale for providing technicians with propane vehicle training. BSI will also provide support for conversion centers in the U.S. that install PRINS autogas technologies. PRINS awarded Alliance AutoGas, through BSI, U.S. distribution rights earlier this year.

‘The Autogas Research and Technology Center is really another great step forward for Alliance Autogas and PRINS,’ says Bart van Aerle, CEO of PRINS. ‘It gives the organization the ability to implement new technologies faster, therewith bringing new EPA-certified applications to the U.S. market more quickly.’

Blossman anticipates that the new center will be open in the spring of 2014.

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