Biomass To Gasoline: Primus Green Energy Claims Success


Primus Green Energy Ltd. says its Hillsborough, N.J., facility has yielded the company's first sample of ‘renewable gasoline,’ which is produced via propriety Primus technology that converts biomass and supplemental natural gas into high-octane gasoline.

Primus' technology is a variation of existing biomass steam-gasification and fuel-synthesis processes, the company says, noting that its method has a conversion efficiency of 25%. Primus adds that it is on track to increase the conversion efficiency to 33%.

The gasoline produced has an octane level of 93 and a lower level of benzene than gasoline produced from petroleum, Primus says. The company is currently building an automated demonstration plant and is planning to break ground on a commercial plant in eastern Pennsylvania next year. That plant is targeted to produce 4.8 million gallons of gasoline from wood pellets and non-food, herbaceous crops annually.

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