Bennett Pump Providing Fuel Dispensers for Hydrogen Station Network


First Element Fuel Inc. has selected Bennett Pump Co. as the supplier of hydrogen fuel dispensers to support the company's development of hydrogen stations in California.

Earlier this year, the California Energy Commission awarded First Element Fuel $27.6 million as a part of a major initiative to build a network of more than two dozen hydrogen stations in the state by the end of next year. First Element Fuel will be building 19 of the program's stations.

Bennett's hydrogen fuel dispenser is based on its Pacific Series retail line of dispensers, integrating the same look, feel and payment options as a traditional gasoline dispenser. The dispenser also features a customer-friendly training module that provides a step-by-step guide to refueling a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

‘Bennett has a long heritage of cutting-edge technology in dispensing and a great track record with traditional fuels – clearly they are the company to work with to get this right with hydrogen,’ says Joel Ewanick, chairman and CEO of First Element Fuel.

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