Azure Dynamics Puts Milestone EV Delivery Into Purolator Fleet


Azure Dynamics Corp., a developer of electric components and powertrain systems for light- and medium-duty commercial vehicles, says it has delivered its 1,000th Balance hybrid electric truck to its largest customer, Purolator.

Purolator, one of Canada's largest parcel and freight companies, operates a fleet of 3,500 vehicles. It first introduced hybrid EVs into its operations in 2005, and it took delivery of more than 200 Azure Balance EVs in 2011 alone.

The Balance models that Purolator orders are integrated on a Ford E-450 chassis with a Ford 5.4L gasoline engine. The hybrid electric drivetrain features attributes such as engine-off at idle and below 20 miles per hour, as well as electronically supported ancillary functions such as power steering and braking.

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