Atlanta Gas Light Files Plan To Construct CNG Vehicle Fueling Stations


Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) has filed a plan with the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) to build a network of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations over the next five years in the metropolitan Atlanta region and along major transportation corridors in the state. The plan also includes low-cost equipment leasing options for home fueling stations.

Under the plan, AGL proposes to invest nearly $12 million to stimulate private investment in the construction of approximately 10 to 15 fueling stations, depending on the size of the station and the level of private investment. The stations would be owned and operated by private retailers who must invest approximately 50% of the cost of the CNG station. The initial station locations will be largely determined based on proximity to commercial fleet customers who contract for service.

AGL notes that it will not sell CNG to the public or participate in the commercial operation of the stations. AGL will own and maintain the CNG equipment connected to its traditional natural gas distribution system, as well as collect transportation delivery charges and actual costs associated with operations and maintenance from retailers.

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