AST Receives DOT Certification for High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage Cylinders


Advanced Structural Technologies Inc. (AST) has obtained U.S. Department of Transportation certification UN ISO 11119-2 to design and manufacture cylinders for high-pressure hydrogen gas storage, for worldwide usage.

AST says the new hydrogen storage vessels will be sold under the name H2-MAX to signify its unique product characteristics, particularly its faster and complete filling capability.

The company notes that H2-MAX cylinders are the largest-diameter Type III tanks in the market for hydrogen applications. Manufactured with a seamless, one-piece aluminum liner, custom cylinder diameters can be fabricated in-house and are designed for hydrogen storage in various applications, with service pressure of 350 bar (5,076 psi).

“The large diameter of the H2-MAX allows for fewer cylinders, valves and PRDs, thus minimizing potential leak points due to the reduced number of fittings and connection points required when compared to a traditional hydrogen storage system designed with conventional cylinders,” says Kevin Black, engineering manager for AST.

The company adds that the cylinders are built with a leak-before-burst failure mode and high impact tolerance for increased safety, as well as high heat tolerance for extended cylinder life.

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