ASKO Deploys Hydrogen-Powered Trucks


ASKO, a producer of household appliances, and Scania, a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, have partnered to add four hydrogen gas trucks with electric drivelines to ASKO’s fleet. 

In the four trucks deployed in ASKO’s operations, the internal combustion engine in the powertrain is replaced by an electric machine. The machine is powered by electricity from fuel cells fed with hydrogen and rechargeable batteries. The rest of the powertrain is composed of the same standard components used in the hybrid trucks and buses that Scania already delivers.

“Scania continues to work with technology that supports the shift to fossil-free transport. An important part of this is done together with some of our most progressive partners, such as ASKO, in customer-near development”, says Karin Rådström, head of sales and marketing at Scania.

“Hydrogen gas is an interesting option for long-haulage electrified transport, and early tests show that the technology also works well in colder climates. We will continue to monitor the performance of these trucks closely,” adds Rådström.

This venture now goes into the next phase, with four trucks being put into real operation.

Photo: How a hydrogen fuel cell electric truck works

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