APG’s Class 8 Dual Fuel Natural Gas Option Building Momentum


American Power Group Corp. says its network of WheelTime dealers recently wrapped up a ‘record order month’ for APG's V5000 Dual Fuel Turbocharged Natural Gas platforms for Class 8 trucks.

In addition to a notable follow-on order for 20 dual-fuel glider trucks coordinated by Clarke Power Services Inc. booked a follow-on order for 20 dual-fuel glider trucks for a bulk hauling fleet that had initially purchased 10 gliders in March for evaluation. Interstate Power Systems also received a follow-on order for four dual-fuel gliders from a Freightliner dealer that purchased its first unit last month.

United Engines LLC has received an initial evaluation order for nine dual fuel systems from a food service customer located in Oklahoma, and Penn Commercial Vehicle Solutions has booked an initial evaluation order for five systems with a large regional textile services company based in Pennsylvania.

‘We are pleased to see the WheelTime dealer network open up new regions in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma, where there has been strong state support for the expansion of natural gas vehicles,’ says Lyle Jensen, APG's CEO.

APG currently has 453 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approvals for outside-useful-life heavy-duty applications of its dual-fuel systems. These approvals cover six of the top seven engines on the road today, the company says.

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