Another 20 Liquefied Natural Gas Trucks for Linde


Linde North America says it is deploying an additional 20 heavy-duty trucks powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) to support its cryogenic-gas delivery fleet on the continent.

The company first put LNG to work in its own fleet of tractors in 2011, hauling liquid CO2 in the Los Angeles area, and then bought 20 natural gas vehicles last year. This new complement of 20 LNG trucks represents 20% of the company's total tractor purchases for 2013.

‘The Linde LNG truck project has delivered several key benefits,’ says Earl Lawson, vice president of energy solutions for Linde North America. ‘Not only do the trucks save money on fuel, they also reduced Linde's carbon footprint.’

‘Expanding our LNG fleet also provides advantages to our customers,’ adds Fred Kinkin, head of supply for Linde North America. ‘LNG-fueled tractors are lighter in weight, allowing Linde to increase payloads, improve service and better manage fuel costs.’

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