ANG Is Inching Compressed Natural Gas Upstate


American Natural Gas (ANG) has announced plans to build compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling capacity at the Wilton Travel Plaza in Wilton, N.Y., located off exit 16 of Interstate 87N.

ANG's site will offer fast-fill CNG capability and be designed to accommodate heavy-duty trucks as well as light-duty assets. The public-access station will be open 24/7, complementing an existing convenience store, Scotty's Restaurant, tractor-trailer parking and restrooms.

The anticipated opening of the station is June of next year.

‘Offering CNG fueling capabilities at the Wilton Travel Plaza is very exciting, as the location is ideal for both fleets and consumers traveling the Northway corridor,’ says Frank Parillo, the plaza's owner.

The Wilton site, which is just north of Saratoga Springs – will extend access to CNG 40 miles beyond where fueling is currently available, in the Albany area. After Wilton, the next public-access CNG stop near I-87 is in Burlington, Vt.

‘We are extremely excited to bring CNG fueling to the I-87N corridor, opening up CNG fueling capabilities on this important interstate that connects the Province of Québec to the United States,’ says Drew West, founder and CEO of ANG.

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