AMP Americas Announces the I65/I75 Corridor: CNG Refueling from IL to FL


This week, AMP Americas, Fair Oaks Farms, Greater Indiana Clean Cities and the Indiana Office of Energy Development are celebrating the debut of the ‘I65/I75 Corridor’ – a compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling thoroughfare connecting Chicago to Orlando. AMP Americas' CNG stations in Fair Oaks and Sellersburg, Ind., represent the northern end of the corridor.

‘AMP Americas produces biogas from dairy cattle waste and, after cleaning and odorizing this gas, pipes the resulting renewable natural gas directly to the Fair Oaks station for on-site use as CNG vehicle fuel,’ says Mark Stoermann, project director.

AMP Americas fleets transport milk to processing plants owned by Kroger Co. in Indianapolis; Murfreesboro, Tenn.; and Winchester, Ky. Returning from the southern Indiana and northern Kentucky deliveries, 42 Class 8 trucks fuel at the sister station in Sellersburg.

The Indiana Office of Energy Development, in partnership with Greater Indiana Clean Cities, contributed $750,000 toward the renewable CNG station at Fair Oaks Dairy.

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