Alt-Fuel Expert Establishes Clean Fuel Transportation Company


Jeff King, former CEO of Twinsburg, Ohio-based SSP, has launched a new venture called InsightFuel that will supply vehicle makers and station builders with business and construction expertise to help the transportation industry embrace green technology.

While CEO of SSP, a manufacturer of valves, fittings, tubing and tools for the instrumentation, research, process systems, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries, King had the opportunity to gain experience with alternative fuels in both compressed natural gas (CNG) station construction and vehicle fuel systems.

In order to form the InsightFuel enterprise, King combined AFV, a producer of natural gas vehicle fuel lines, and CNG Plus, a construction services business helping contractors build CNG stations with faster and safer materials and methods.

According to a release from InsightFuel, AFV has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce low- and high-pressure CNG/LNG/LPG vehicle fuel lines made from tubing and hose. AFV also supplies these assemblies installed to, and/or kitted with, related hardware – including filters, valves, regulators and receptacles – mainly to OEMs, fuel delivery system providers and converters.

The release states that CNG Plus provides interconnect piping materials (tubing, conduit, fittings and valves), assembly tooling, and training to support contractors building CNG stations. Further, CNG Plus has patented jobsite tooling used to connect CNG fueling station equipment.

“With the assistance of our partner, R. Anthony Enterprises, we’re going to reach smaller light-duty and medium-duty fleet operators throughout the U.S.,” comments King, owner of InsightFuel. “Through this three-pronged approach, we can make the largest positive impact on the environment by expanding the market to create new operators of clean fuel fleets.”

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