Alliance Autopropane Launches Propalia Autogas Conversion Kits


Quebec-based Alliance Autopropane says it has entered a long-term agreement with Poland-based Digitronic Autogas Equipment to become the exclusive North American distributor of Digitronic’s kits to convert gasoline vehicles to bi-fuel propane autogas models. Alliance Autopropane is launching the conversion kits in Quebec under the brand name Propalia.

Alliance Autopropane says the kits are particularly well suited for the harsh Canadian winter, having previously been tested under extreme conditions in Russia.

“We conducted our own extensive trials in Charlevoix, combining the results of the kit’s performance in the Russian cold with the driving stress of the hills and steep roads of this beautiful Quebec region,” comments Rock Boulianne, co-president of Alliance Autopropane. “The tests established first and foremost the tremendous reliability of the systems, but also the capacity of the kits to sustain propulsion and power under the most demanding winter conditions, which is a rare feat in the field of hybrid propane engines.”

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