Alliance AutoGas Expands East Coast Presence


Alliance AutoGas has added Eastern Propane and Sharp Energy to its network of propane autogas specialists. Eastern Propane covers the New Jersey market, and Sharp Energy will serve Delaware, eastern Maryland and eastern Virginia.

‘We've been running our company fleet on autogas since 1955 and now have one of the largest propane-powered fleets in the state of New Jersey,’ says Robert B. Nicholson III, president and CEO of Eastern Propane. ‘Propane autogas has provided our fleet with efficiency and longevity, and we are pleased to join Alliance AutoGas to help expand the market for this clean fuel technology.’

Both Eastern Propane and Sharp Energy will coordinate vehicle conversions to propane, install autogas refueling stations, and train and support fleet professionals on propane-vehicle safety and maintenance for their respective network areas.

‘We're excited to help fleets in our region make the switch,’ remarks Bob Zola, president of Sharp Energy. ‘Right now, autogas fleets are saving around $1.50 per gallon on fuel compared to gasoline. And because Alliance AutoGas will install an autogas fuel station at a fleet's home base at no up-front cost, fleets that convert through [the] alliance benefit from both convenient fueling and immediate fuel-cost savings.’

Eastern Propane is headquartered in Oak Ridge, N.J., where it has been owned and operated by the Nicholson family since 1938. Sharp Energy is one of the largest propane companies on the Delmarva Peninsula, with offices in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and southeastern Pennsylvania, serving more than 34,000 customers.

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