Alliance AutoGas Coordinates Propane Vehicle Conversions For Miss. Fleet


Community Counseling Services, a Mississippi-based mental health center, recently worked with Alliance AutoGas through the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program to convert 17 Ford E-350 vans to run on propane.

The vehicle conversions were facilitated through Alliance AutoGas at a Force 911 certified conversion center, and the network also installed a 1,000-gallon autogas refueling station for the fleet's private use at its Columbus, Miss., location.

Community Counseling Services says it plans on converting the rest of its fleet – another 12 vehicles – to autogas by the end of this year.

‘I really couldn't be happier with our fleet's transition to propane autogas,’ says Lin Newell, facilities and maintenance supervisor for Community Counseling Services. ‘Our fuel savings are enormous.’

The company saved $1.63/gallon on autogas versus gasoline during the last quarter. Once all 29 vans are converted, Community Counseling Services expects to save more than $60,000 in fuel costs annually.

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