Alliance AutoGas Adds Illinois Company to Propane Conversion Network


Dorsey, Ill.-based Aljets Automotive has joined the Alliance AutoGas network as a certified conversion center for performing propane autogas vehicle conversions using Prins technology.

‘Our background includes servicing a fleet of propane-powered trucks, as well as commercial, agricultural and industrial equipment,’ says Scott Aljets, vice president of Aljets. ‘It gives us perspective to appreciate our new association with Alliance AutoGas. We now are partners with an association that brings all the facets of propane as a transportation fuel into one place.’

Alliance AutoGas is the authorized distributor of Prins autogas technologies in the U.S., as well as the coordinator of propane refueling infrastructure installations, propane vehicle training, and other related services. The network includes more than 90 member companies and conversion centers throughout North America.

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