Airport Shuttle Company Says Its Fleets Are Increasingly Adopting Propane And CNG


The GO Group, a global provider of airport shuttle services, says member companies located in a number of major markets are converting all or part of their fleets to either compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane vehicles.

GO Group companies in Los Angeles, which serve all Southern California airports, and in Chicago (serving Midway and O'Hare) are currently making fleet conversions. Other GO members that serve San Francisco International, Seattle-Tacoma International, General Mitchell International (Milwaukee), Dallas-Ft. Worth and Luis Munoz Marin International (Puerto Rico) airports are also adopting CNG and propane.

Specific projects including the following:

  • GO Lorries, San Francisco, has converted 16 vans to CNG, and an additional 28 will be retrofitted by May.
  • GO Riteway Transportation Group in Milwaukee now has 21 propane-fueled vehicles in its fleet.
  • GO Shuttle Express in Seattle began converting some of its fleet to propane last January. It currently operates 43 propane-fueled vehicles and intends to add 20 more.
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