Air Liquide Completes Equity Investment to Support Hydrogen Mobility


Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy U.S. LLC (Air Liquide) has entered an equity stake in FirstElement Fuel Inc. (FEF), a retail hydrogen station operator in California. 

The $12 million equity investment complements Air Liquide’s recently announced long-term hydrogen supply agreement with FEF. Through these agreements, Air Liquide and FEF continue to contribute to the growth of the hydrogen fueling infrastructure network in California – which currently has the largest number of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) on the road.

“With our investment and collaboration with FirstElement Fuel and the recent announcement of our new hydrogen production facility to be constructed in the western U.S., Air Liquide commits to the transition and development of hydrogen for mobility throughout the entire supply chain,” says Susan Ellerbusch, chairman of Air Liquide.

“These investments build on existing collaborations with FEF, Toyota, Honda, Mitsui and others to help develop sustainable hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the U.S.,” adds Ellerbusch.

To sustain a hydrogen energy infrastructure project requires targeted investment. These agreements further demonstrate Air Liquide’s commitment to the development of hydrogen for mobility throughout the entire supply chain, and complement existing collaborations with Toyota, Honda, Mitsui and others.

Air Liquide and FEF will help ensure reliable fueling to accommodate the 40,000 FCEVs expected to be deployed in California by 2022.

Photo: FirstElement Fuel’s landing page

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