Agility Fuel Systems Unveils 160 DGE Behind-the-Cab CNG Fuel System


Agility Fuel Systems has announced the launch of its new 2016 160 DGE Behind-the-Cab compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system.

This Behind-the-Cab 160 DGE CNG fuel system delivers what Agility claims is the most efficient package of any CNG heavy-duty vehicle system on the road today. The new system is mounted up to six inches closer to the cab for improved aerodynamics and leaves more rail space. Weighing just 2,150 lbs., this is the lightest system of its kind in the industry, according to Agility.

“Our vision is to transform the transportation world by designing the most innovative, clean natural gas systems in the market today to ensure a more sustainable future tomorrow,” says Kathleen Ligocki, CEO of Agility Fuel Systems. “Our latest product, the 2016 Behind-the-Cab 160 DGE CNG fuel system, offers our customers a unique value proposition in performance, weight, fill time, durability and aesthetic – well ahead of the curve in our industry.”

According to Agility, the company’s new Behind-the-Cab CNG system also features 13% faster fill-ups than the nearest competitor; aircraft-grade aluminum structure mounted on rubber isolators to reduce stress on components; and a neck-mounted, anti-tank spin design that eliminates tank rotation, which can stress fuel lines.

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