Agency Seeking Assistance for Alternative Fuels Initiative


The California Energy Commission is looking for partners that can help build out ‘centers for alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology’ within the state.

Through a competitive solicitation process that is open to public and private entities, the commission will mobilize $4.7 million to support both physical and virtual centers that assist local agencies and businesses with alt-fuel outreach and education. The funds will be split evenly among grant winners in southern, northern and central California.

Eligible projects will achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • identify strategic opportunities to develop and demonstrate advanced technology vehicles;
  • provide a neutral site for individual companies to collaborate on technology demonstrations;
  • centralize the attention of fleet managers interested in alternative fuels and advanced vehicles;
  • integrate vehicle technology development with workforce training efforts;
  • serve multiple functions to support and promote local and regional alternative fuel vehicles;
  • provide a central location for local and regional planning for development and deployment of alternative fuels, fueling infrastructure or alternative fueled vehicles.

The deadline to submit applications is Oct. 26, and the commission will likely announce proposed awards in early December. More information is available HERE.

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