Aemetis Selects Edeniq Platforms To Boost Biofuel Production


Aemetis Inc., an advanced fuels and renewable chemicals company, has entered into an agreement to install technology from Edeniq at its plant in Keyes, Calif. Aemetis will use Edeniq's Cellunators ethanol platform and test the company's Pathway technology.

‘The relationship with Edeniq will allow us to further expand our production of advanced biofuels,’ says Eric McAfee, chairman and CEO of Aemetis. ‘The addition of Edeniq's technology is expected to immediately improve our ethanol yield and allow us to produce cellulosic ethanol at commercial scale by upgrading the existing corn ethanol production facility.’

Cellunator produces sugars by milling corn and other plant materials into particles of feedstock that can be more easily converted. Pathway is a patented process that integrates enzymes with the Cellunator technology to produce cellulosic ethanol using existing plant infrastructure.

Edeniq operates a demonstration-scale production facility in Visalia, Calif., where it converts a range of feedstock into low-cost cellulosic sugars and cellulosic ethanol.

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