Aemetis Completes Construction of Two Dairy Digesters for RNG Production


Aemetis Inc., an advanced renewable fuel and biochemicals company, has completed the construction of the first two dairy digesters and four-mile pipeline for the production of renewable natural gas (RNG) to supply below-zero carbon intensity RNG to displace petroleum-based natural gas used at the Keyes ethanol production facility, and to provide fuel for RNG trucks and buses.

“Aemetis is implementing multiple system upgrades and expansion projects related to our 65 million gallon per year renewable fuel and high-grade alcohol plant, all of which reduce carbon intensity and input costs while increasing revenues,” says Eric McAfee, chairman and CEO of Aemetis. 

“Our Aemetis Biogas team is now rapidly building systems to capture and convert methane from dairy lagoons into negative carbon intensity RNG transportation fuel. After capturing and processing biogas from the anaerobic dairy digesters, we will pipeline the upgraded gas to our plant in Keyes, Calif., where it will be available for use as energy to produce transportation fuel and high-grade alcohol, and in the first half of 2021, inject the RNG into the common carrier pipeline and dispense RNG fuel to truck fleets at our onsite CNG loading station,” he adds.

Aemetis is currently commissioning Phase I of the Central Dairy Digester Project. After Phase I of the project is operational, construction will begin on the additional 15 dairies that have signed agreements with Aemetis and approximately 30 miles of private pipeline.

Photo: Aemetis’ ethanol production facility in Keyes, Calif.

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