Zero Waste Energy Rolling Out Waste-To-Biogas Units


Napa Recycling and Waste Services and the Monterey Regional Waste Management District, both located in California, say they each intend to deploy Zero Waste Energy's (ZWE) semi-mobile SmartFerm anaerobic digestion (AD) unit. The technology uses a dry fermentation process to turn organic waste into biogas.

‘Using SmartFerm will also allow our operations to increase volumes when we secure additional feedstock, as well as provide compressed natural gas (CNG) for our fleet,’ says Greg Kelly, general manager of Napa Recycling and Waste.

Environmental Solutions Group, a Dover Industries company, will be the U.S. manufacturer of the SmartFerm digester units. These modular plants can be installed on sites as small as 3,000 sq./ft. in less than a month, according to ZWE.

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