Zeem Solutions Opens First EV Transportation-as-a-Service Depot in California


Fleet electrification provider Zeem Solutions has opened its first commercial electric vehicle (EV) transportation-as-a-service depot near Los Angeles International Airport. The depot, a hub for zero-emission vehicle services, is one of the largest commercial EV charging installations in the U.S. that supports medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicle fleets.

This depot is the first in a series that Zeem plans to build across the United States to enable medium- and heavy-duty fleet owners to electrify. The company owns and maintains electric trucks, vans, shuttle buses and other vehicles that are leased to fleets businesses that pay a monthly lease to use the vehicles. Zeem works with local utilities and renewable energy providers to ensure vehicles are charged using clean, reliable and low-cost energy. Customers get access to the vehicles, plus daily charging and parking at conveniently located depots that Zeem builds and operates – all for a monthly lease that costs less than owning and operating a gasoline or diesel-fueled fleet.

“Zeem’s first fleet electrification depot is open for business. Our business model – Transportation-as-a-Service or E-Fleet-as-a-Service – combines the latest commercial electric vehicles alongside reliable chargers purpose-built for fleet use in a centrally-located depot,” states Paul Gioupis, CEO of Zeem Solutions. “This model enables fleets to transition to electric vehicles quickly, easily, and affordably at a time when they are under more and more pressure to do so.”

“We know that charging is the biggest challenge facing fleets as they transition to zero emission vehicles,” continues Gioupis. “Providing fast chargers alongside electric trucks and vans will allow our customers to switch from diesel vehicles to electric trucks and shuttles quickly, achieving cost and carbon emission reductions at the same time. Our vision at Zeem is to support thousands of zero-emission vehicles operating out of hundreds of depots like this around the country.”

Zeem’s LAX electric fleet depot has 77 fast charging ports, 53 Level 2 chargers, and the capacity to charge and store more than 200 medium- and heavy-duty vehicles on-site and support hundreds more for opportunity charging. Fleets currently operating out of Zeem’s LAX depot include tour buses, airport shuttles, last-mile delivery vans and trucks, third-party logistics, mobility services, ridesharing and drayage operations. In addition to services for monthly subscribers, Zeem offers opportunity charging for high-mileage fleets for last-mile delivery and rideshare services that need a place to charge their vehicles.

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