Zeeba Purchases Commercial Electric Vehicles from ELMS


Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc. (ELMS) has received a firm purchase order from Zeeba Vans, a Los Angeles-based mobility company, for 50 ELMS Urban Delivery vans, with the intent to purchase hundreds more in 2022.

Zeeba has a fleet that consists of several thousand vans, with plans to add 2,500 all-electric vans by the end of 2023. The electrification program accounts for approximately one-third of Zeeba’s two-year growth plan. Zeeba has turned its focus to two areas: commercial business-to-business rentals and leasing, and a San Francisco van sharing pilot program. The San Francisco program, set to launch in the first quarter of 2022, is a key vertical through which Zeeba’s customers will utilize the ELMS Urban Delivery.

“ELMS is pleased that Zeeba selected the Urban Delivery to propel its nationwide electrification and growth strategy,” says Ron Feldeisen, chief revenue officer for ELMS. “Commercial van rentals are a growing business vertical in the last mile delivery space and rental customers are vying for all-electric mobility options.”

Zeeba plans to leverage the ELMS Air telematics system, which provides fleet management and deep data analytics tools for customers, to run its van-sharing platform which will begin deployment in San Francisco.

“In 2021 we grew our business over 100 percent compared to 2020,” states Mike Paletz, Zeeba’s chief revenue officer. “Our initial projections for 2022 have us increasing our business three times over 2021 – our best year to date. Our partnership with ELMS will be instrumental in allowing us to achieve these goals.”

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