Xos Hub Mobile Charging Station Debuts for Commercial Fleets


Xos Inc., a manufacturer of fully electric Class 5 to Class 8 commercial vehicles, and NextGen Acquisition Corp. have unveiled Xos Hub. The mobile charging station helps Xos fleet customers access charging infrastructure at their fleet yards without having to wait for traditional infrastructure installation.

Xos Hub operates as a mobile, rapidly deployable energy storage and charging system, providing fleets with flexible charging options with no fixed infrastructure improvements required. Xos Hub is able to charge up to five vehicles at a time and fit in the space of about two parking spots. A solar array on the roof of Xos Hub powers the cloud-enabled control and safety systems. The Xos Hub is currently available for lease as a standalone offering or within Xos’ fleet-as-a-service offering.

Xos Hub is part of the larger service offering of Xos Energy Solutions, a new business unit within Xos. Xos Energy Solutions provides comprehensive infrastructure services to small and large fleets to accelerate large-scale deployments of commercial electric vehicles. The services include Xos Hub, the mobile charging station, and Xos Serve, an on-demand infrastructure-as-a-service platform that includes site evaluations, energy storage development, and installation and energy management services.

“We are excited to roll out our charging infrastructure and products in order to continue fulfilling the needs of our fleet customers,” says Dakota Semler’s, Xos Inc.’s CEO and co-founder. “Everything from individual state regulations to commitments by large fleet operators to convert to zero-emission electric vehicles, to President Biden’s infrastructure plan, is pointing to electric vehicles as our future, and it’s vital that we help our fleet customers move in that direction with sustainable, efficient charging infrastructure, and give our partners the ability to electrify their fleets now without having to wait for traditional fixed charging infrastructure.”

Image: Xos Hub Mobile Charging Station

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