XL Fleet Expands Hybrid Electric Drive System For Use in GM Fleet Applications


XL Fleet, a company that specializes in vehicle electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, says its XLP plug-in hybrid electric drive technology is being expanded for use across a range of fleet vehicles from General Motors (GM).

The platform is expected to begin shipping on select configurations of the Chevrolet and GMC Silverado / Sierra 2500 HD and 3500 HD pickup trucks in the first quarter of 2021, and on Chevrolet and GMC 3500 and 4500 cutaway chassis in the second quarter of 2021.

XL Fleet’s newest product offering expands its growing lineup of plug-in hybrid electric drive systems, which can improve fuel economy by increasing miles per gallon by up to 50% and reducing CO2 emissions by approximately one-third compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles. It is also the company’s first plug-in hybrid system to be available for Chevrolet and GMC fleet vehicles, adding to a broad range of XL hybrid systems currently available for GM products.

“By leveraging our experience with over 200 customers and utilizing proprietary data from nearly 140 million customer miles driven, we are positioned to quickly and efficiently develop solutions for applications with significant demand,” says Dimitri Kazarinoff, CEO of XL Fleet. “This new platform incorporates XL’s second-generation plug-in hybrid electric drive technology, providing higher kWh with a more scalable design that can be expanded onto a much broader array of vehicles and applications.”

These new product offerings further expand XL’s reach into a wide range of mission-critical electrified fleet applications, including electric utilities, emergency response units, last mile delivery vehicles and other highly specialized and demanding applications. 

Photo: XL Fleet’s Vehicles web page

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