WWP Offering Bi-Fuel Natural Gas Technology


Worldwide Power Products (WPP) has licensed the rights to sell Hythane Co.'s OptiBlend solution, which enables diesel engines to run on a mixture of natural gas and diesel fuel.

WPP will offer OptiBlend-equipped diesel engines and generator sets for sale and rental and will also sell retrofitting services to owners of existing diesel generators. WPP's service technicians will be certified to install the conversion kits both at the WWP facility and in the field.

‘WPP engaged in a comprehensive search to find the bi-fuel technology that offered the most flexibility and best ROI for our customers,’ says WPP's Dave Vennie. ‘OptiBlend is flexible enough to handle the load swings and changing conditions of any environment, including the rigorous demands of drilling rig platforms.’

OptiBlend-equipped engines can use fuel from a variety of sources, including from the direct intake of byproduct natural gas from oil fields and well heads (with pre-treatment), from a traditional gas pipeline or from vaporized liquefied natural gas (LNG). WWP can accommodate engine power ratings from 150 hp to more than 4,000 hp.

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